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Our Platform at the Kentucky Community & Technical College System (KCTCS)

United Campus Workers of Kentucky’s KCTCS branch is made up of community and technical college employees from across the state. We welcome KCTCS workers in all job classifications and especially want to amplify the voices of adjuncts and staff. Our KCTCS members are organizing around issues of health, safety, and dignity during COVID-19, racism in our places of work, and fair pay for all employees. To learn more, and to support our current platforms, please read and sign our open letter.

Statement of Labor Solidarity

United Campus Workers of Kentucky stands in solidarity with the rest of the organized labor movement in Kentucky. In particular, within the Kentucky Community and Technical College System, we support members of the American Federation of Teachers who are also fighting for a just higher education system in Kentucky. Together, as one labor movement, we can fight for and win concrete improvements for faculty, staff, and students throughout the Commonwealth.

Health, Safety, & Dignity at KCTCS