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UCW KY at Eastern Kentucky University

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As the staff, faculty, graduate and undergraduate workers of Eastern Kentucky University, we are organizing for compensation and benefits that support our work and our lives. We need staffing, resources, and the removal of barriers to provide high quality work and instruction. As EKU workers, we deserve:

  • A living wage for hourly employees that can support our families without living paycheck to paycheck
  • Competitive salaries and increased professional development funding to attract and retain experienced faculty
  • Facilities and working conditions that foster learning instead of creating obstacles to it
  • Fully staffed departments and offices so that every employee can produce high quality work as opposed to being overwhelmed by a high quantity of it
  • Removal of barriers to education for faculty, staff and students taking the form of additional fees, draconian tuition repayment policies and limited tuition waivers for grad students
  • Robust and affordable benefits that do not prohibit employees’ ability to seek services or represent unreasonable costs for our lowest paid workers
  • Pay Equity for all employees: equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender, race, or background
  • The ability to collectively bargain with administrators for a fairer EKU

Click here to join our union, United Campus Workers of Kentucky, so that we can raise our voices together to make real improvements at EKU!

Petition: Build a better future at EKU!
Petition: Build a better future at EKU!
Petition: Cost of Living Adjustments and Fairness at EKU
Petition: Cost of Living Adjustments and Fairness at EKU

Tell President McFaddin: Treat EKU workers with the respect we deserve!

We believe that the problems at EKU will continue unless workers come together in solidarity and leverage their power to make a more equitable EKU that can better meet the needs of its employees and the students we serve.

Join us now in standing up to say enough is enough. Please sign our petition demanding President McFaddin and EKU administrators treat their workers with the respect we deserve!

Sign our petition!

Petition for Cost of Living Adjustments and Fairness at EKU

We, the members of UCW KY at EKU, joined by our colleagues and community, call on President David McFaddin and the Board of Regents to address and rectify long-standing concerns that undermine EKU’s ability to carry out its mission as a “School of Opportunity” for communities in our service region. We are calling for the implementation of immediate 10% Cost of Living (COLA) raise for all workers (including graduate assistants) across the university; and commitment in writing to ongoing COLA and step increases for all workers in future budgets; the implementation of full tuition waivers and increase base stipends for graduate assistants; commitment to these necessary changes without making any cuts to existing programs or employees of the university; and commitment in writing to restore staffing levels in all units so as to effectively and equitably serve students and ensure the success of the continued academic mission of EKU.

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