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UofL Cardinal Rules Open Letter Resources

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Our Demands

Fair Compensation
Fair Compensation
Representation and Transparency
Representation and Transparency
  • Effective immediately: 10% COLA to reflect the rampant inflation over the past three years.
  • Effective immediately: A long-term commitment to annual COLA raises that reflect the rate of inflation.
  • Effective immediately: X-pay for advisors who teach FYE courses, to ensure parity between faculty and staff instructors of these courses.
  • By 2024: Restore workers’ maximum salary/wages to reflect the previous pay grades where those grades were higher than the new scale.
  • By 2025: A minimum hourly wage of $25, without decreasing scheduled hours for current full- and part-time positions.
  • Access to documentation of the Compensation Study’s results and procedures, including:
    • An explanation of how and why changes to classification and compensation were made
    • Documentation of the number of employees who received increases in compensation, how much employees’ compensation was increased on average, how much compensation increased in total, etc.
  • A seat at the table: Include workers across job classes and levels in future studies and proposals.
    • Require cooperation with and approval from both staff and faculty governing bodies for all major structural changes to schools or colleges.
    • Require cooperation with and approval from affected staff or faculty via governing bodies, such as the University Advising Council, for major reassignment of duties across units or departments.
    • Involve undergraduate and graduate student representatives in the conversations and decision making surrounding any similar compensation studies and/or plans occurring in the present and future.
    • Commit to regular meetings and dialogue with United Campus Workers staff, faculty, and graduate and undergraduate worker leadership.